Pokemon Go Review: my Pokemon trainer destiny is fulfilled

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Like other ambitious millennials, I read tons of self-help books. Each time I pick a new book, my heart whispers, “I will figure out everything about my life after page 182!”

One of the books I read was Business Model You. The writers wrote a question to figure out our passion: What do you love to do as a child?

My answer: writing. Little that I knew, I forgot one other thing: catching Pokemon.

My life calling turned crystal clear when I catch my first Charmander on my mother’s sofa.

Helenatasha Rattata

Since then, Pokemon Go’s all I talked about with my little brother. It’s fun, just like when we’re just kids watching Pokemon cartoon on weekends.

Anyway, it’s different now. We’re real Pokemon trainers now.

helenatasha blog pokemon server“You are wasting time,” my boyfriend commented with the same fire as Steve Jobs when he introduced his first Ipad Air, “(The app has) too many bugs. I’ll delete—”

“Oh, look! A Haunter!!!”


Just like that, we’re back throwing our Pokeballs.

Now, if I’m not writing people’s fictional selves, I either post cat pictures for my cat lady clothing line or catch Pokemon.

What a time to be alive!

Helenatasha Pidgey

P.S. You can download Pokemon Go in Appstore/Playstore. If you’re an Indonesian using Iphone, you can create fake US Apple ID and download the app in the US Appstore.

Note for Nintendo and Niantic Labs. Please fix this bug: the screen froze right after the Pokemon got inside the Pokeball. I lost a Fearow, a Jigglypuff, and more babies.

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