A story behind an artwork. It’s told from the illustrator’s point of view.

Project: Tell My Tales

creating an artwork (poetry and illustration) based on the client’s story and personality

Role: Ghostwriter


The story behind the project:

Most of the illustration services out there are just portrait illustrations and photo tracings. That’s what the market knows about illustrations.

Tell My Tales creates poetries and illustrations that tell stories, inspired by the real personalities and stories of our clients.



  • Telling a story about the thinking process behind the artwork.
  • Making the illustrator sounds authentic, just like she is in real life, someone our potential clients can admire and be friends with.
  • Explaining the story behind the artwork.
  • Promoting the service to the potential clients.


Working process:

I know the illustrator and her working process. So, I just wrote it and showed it for her review.



Result: increasing number of leads contacting the business


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