GHOSTWRITING: Axioo Australia

A pre-wedding photography story. It’s told from the photographer’s point of view.

Client: Axioo Australia

Role: Ghostwriter


The story behind the project:

I am a sucker for love stories that when 2 of my closest friends saw a wedding photography company is looking for a copywriter, they immediately shared this news with me. In a heartbeat, I sent my portfolio and my CV.

Just a day after, Fen, the owner of that company, Axioo Photography, stumbled upon my works on Instagram, asked me if I’m interested to be Axioo’s ghostwriter and social media copywriter. It turned out that she hadn’t seen my CV, so I resent the CV to her, got interviewed twice, and got the offer.

At first, I am confused: why would one of the best/ the most premium photography company in Indonesia (they are expanding to Australia) need a ghostwriter? Hearing stories from the employees and the clients, I eventually learned the answer.

Axioo’s photographers have mad skills. Sure, there are a lot of photographers out there who take outstanding pictures, but Axioo’s photographers do more than taking good pictures. They double up as your travel partner on your destination pre-wedding trips and your extra best-man on your wedding day. They light up your mood, lend their helping hands everywhere, and go the extra mile to make you comfortable on your emotional stressful yet special day. That way, they are able to capture your chemistry and memorable moments on your pictures.

They need to communicate these real stories that show these qualities to their potential clients. That’s why they need a ghostwriter.



  • Showing how much the photographer cares about his clients and directed the video with his heart
  • Getting the potential clients to know a little bit about the photographer’s personality


Working process:

  • Talking with the photographer
  • Revision




“I worked with Natasha for about a year in Axioo Photography. As one of the photographers in Axioo, we have to write a story to be published with our portfolio in Axioo’s website. That’s how I met Natasha. She’s a talented writer who has the calmest personality.

There are a lot of good qualities about her. I observed it is rare to meet someone who LISTENS. Natasha listens earnestly to every story and she pays attention to every little detail. That’s how she always comes up with brilliant writing. Also, she is incredibly responsible for every task, and she always finished her works in time.

As a colleague, Natasha is a shy girl and a good listener—it means that she is very easy to talk to.”

– Reynaldo Tjandra, Axioo Australia Photographer

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