PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – F&B: Chong Qing Liu Yi Shou Hotpot

How does it taste?

Client: Chong Qing Liu Yi Shou Hotpot

Role: Copywriter


The story behind the project:

Shelvin, one of the owners of Wearstatuquo, a clothing line I’m copywriting for, told me that she’s opening a new restaurant business. She wished to highlight their special dishes.


Working Process:

Tasting the foods and the drinks, interviewing the owner, researching the food’s history, writing, and revising.




Originated from 19th century China, pier workers devoured Mala Soup at festive night markets as a delicious after-work treat. We imagined,  they inhaled the promising aroma of spicy Szechuan pepper when it’s stirred with fresh ginseng root, leek, and other flavorful spices.

The pungent broth, which contains the nutritious essences of the ingredients, revitalizes energy and fights diseases. Due to its unique taste and health benefits, words of Mala Soup spread. Now, culinary enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Chongqing, China for just for a bowl of Mala Soup.


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