Travel Diary: First World Plaza and Casino Genting: first world problems


First World Plaza was like any other malls–but livelier.

Think pop culture and mainstream landmarks.

Think of them moulded inside one giant room.

You’d get the First World Plaza/Indoor Themepark Genting.

Venetian canal glittered in between stores and restaurants. 3 story short liberty statue was next to a stage—decorated with Ultraman promos—presenting Malaysian traditional dance and magicians.

Very touristy and children friendly.

If I were still 12 years-old, I would be all over the waterless well, rolling Rp100,- coins, praying wishes of going here with a boy that loves me. After that, I would beg to my mother to allow me riding the haunted house.


My favorite parts: an overpriced arcade, a chocolate store and a stand selling go-to fresh fruits. My mother recommended me to buy coffee beans covered in chocolates. It tasted fantastic and I don’t even like coffee!


FullSizeRender 3


Food recommendation: ginger chicken over rice (in a restaurant across the waterless well) and Marrybrown chicken + rice breakfast.


Food “don’ts”: nasi lemak in the ginger chicken restaurant.

Another “don’t”: expect a lot in the clothes department–better shopping in Kuala Lumpur.

Everything I thought about casino was wrong.

I expected something out of a James Bond movie, without the explosions.

First World Casino Genting left me disappointed.


Instead of seeing suited up gentlemen and velvet gowned ladies playing roulette, I found Asian grandmothers placing bets over Chinese horoscopes.

FullSizeRender 2

I didn’t know how they could stand the smoke.

It only went interesting until my boyfriend’s aunt placed some bets.



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