Where do you work?

I’m writing for AXIOO Photography, a clothing line Wearstatuquo,  and various freelance projects, like business proposals, restaurant menus, etc. You can download my resume at LinkedIn.

On Tell My Tales, a startup I co-founded, I write poetries based on the clients’ characters and stories.


Where did you go to school?

Prasetiya Mulya University, the one Ahok went to. I studied entrepreneurship and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics degree.


Your education background is not literature. Where do you learn to write?

I spent my childhood writing stories; my school years in charge of scriptwriting and copywriting for a youth organization’s projects. Now, I go to workshops as often I could.

I don’t stop there. When I’m not writing, I watch movies and read novels, trying to figure out how they unfold the character development and wrap up the plot. When I poop, I read your Instagram captions (and silently judging the way you write it).


Tell me about your workflow.

I listen to your brief,  do some research (if needed), finish the work a day before the deadline, and edit it before I send it to you on the D-day. I’ll hear what you think about it. Finally, I’ll email you the revision on the next day (or the next couple hours).





Where are you from?

West Jakarta, Indonesia


*Insert a pickup line.*

You should be ashamed of yourself. This is not Tinder.


Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I love dogs, but I identify as a cat person. Like cats, I’m fluffy and I need a lot of me-time.


Tea or coffee?

Tea all the way. Coffee is mean to my stomach.


The best place in the world?

I love the room I’ve stayed in an Egyptian hotel. I could see the Pyramids from the huge window. So majestic.

However, Indonesia will always be my home. Nothing would ever replace that. 🙂


Your guilty pleasure?

– eating Indonesian snacks, especially the ones with enough MSG to spice 8 Chinese dishes for a family of 5. Example: Indomie, Macaroni Ngehe, etc.

– watching Game of Thrones.




Your favorite time to write?

Late night and early morning. So quiet. 🙂



All-time obsession?

Power pop bands, like All Time Low and Panic at the Disco.



Fictional groups?

Hufflepuff. Hades Cabin. Amity.




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Thank you for your interest in my journal. 🙂

Yes, I’d be happy to take part in your project as the writer. I’m just an email away: hi.helenatasha@gmail.com.

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